Principal's Message

"Deh Shiva Bar Moh Eh Hai, Deh Shiva Bar Moh Eh Hai Shubh Karman Te Kab Hoo Na Dro, Kab Hoo Na Dro Na Dro Har So Jab Jaye Lro, Nichae Kar Apni Jeet Kro" ~ Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sri Guru Granth Sahib acknowledges the value of education. For the objective of promoting education, Sri Guru Granth Sahib inspires a person to become enlightened and to assist others in learning. According to Gurbani, wisdom enables us to serve our Lord and Master and brings about honour. Guru Gobind Singh Public School is dedicated to passing on wisdom and the spirit of learning among the students.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit the school website, and as the principal of Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Nainowal Vaid, it gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome.

The well-known management "Shri Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society" is in responsibility of administering the Guru Gobind Singh Public School, which has carved out a unique place for itself not only in Bokaro but also globally.

At GGPS, we offer a learning environment that fosters a child's holistic growth and encourages them to use their potential to achieve excellence. This can only be possible in a holistic, student-centric environment. The school strives very hard to give the kids the best opportunities to develop solid values while engaging them in academics and extracurricular endeavours. The school offers a mix of co-scholastic and academic activities to help each student become a self-sufficient and autonomous citizen.

No wonder, a student harnessed in such an atmosphere has every hope and possibility of becoming a responsible, balanced and a mature adult and is able to live in to contribute and to shoulder responsibilities of the society, of which he forms an integral part. Children need a supportive environment at home and at school. They need to set goals, within their reach until they gain confidence and determination. They should reexamine their priorities, set clean goals and make specific plans to achieve what they desire. Focusing on specific goals, helps them move forward purposefully in life. They would, thus, have the pleasure of watching their dreams into reality.

Instilling a scientific mindset and a spirit of unhindered inquiry are all part of the child-centric learning strategies used at GGPS. The pupil is the main emphasis of our curriculum, and every child participates in the learning process. We are always working to improve our teaching strategies so that students learn through a combination of in-class instruction, outside research, and scientific discovery.

The strongest influence on shaping a child's future is their parents. Their ongoing assistance encourages us to take on increasingly more. They have my gratitude for believing in us.

I have enough faith in the Ggspians to know that they will become stronger every day and add to the splendour of the school.

Harjit Singh

M.A. (Political Science), M.Sc. (Geography), Bachelor of Education
Guru Gobind Singh Public School
Nainowal Vaid, Hoshiarpur